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Asbestos Related Services

Environmental Property Audits, Inc., has several asbestos services which are designed to assist building owners, architects, and construction contractors who are responsible for the regulatory compliance of renovation construction projects or maintenance activities which may disturb asbestos-containing material (ACM). Our services include:

Site Inspections

Inspections are required by law for all planned renovation or demolition projects involving commercial or public facilities. The inspection procedures include:

  1. Material identification with amounts and location
  2. Sampling of all suspect materials including category I and II non-friable materials
  3. Condition assessment for all ACM that is included in the scope of work
  4. Report Summary that outlines a plan of action to maintain regulatory compliance

Asbestos Project Design

Certified Project Design is required for all interior asbestos removal projects which exceed three square feet or 10 linear feet. This is now inclusive of all commercial and public facilities.

EPA, Inc. specializes in project design and management of asbestos roof material removal.

Asbestos Project Monitoring

EPA, Inc. provides professionally trained and certified personnel for site management and documentation of abatement project procedures ranging from the initial set-up phase to the final clearance and clean-up phase. This service can be specialized to meet the client's concerns for each specific project.

Air monitoring is an integral part of each asbestos project and can be provided to comply with:

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Asbestos Roofing Material Removal Services

Due to recent changes involving state and federal regulatory standards implemented on the roofing industry for completion of roof renovation activities, EPA, Inc. has focused on assisting roofing contractors and facility owners, to help limit regulatory liabilities for roof renovations.

Our services include:

The staff at EPA, Inc. has provided roof related services in 20 states, with over 800 facilities, with a total roof area over 7.5 million square feet.

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Indoor Air Quality Services

EPA, Inc. conducts indoor air quality related investigations and testing. Investigations are performed mainly due to concerns about mold or health related problems. EPA can provide a variety of mold testing and analysis services.

EPA, Inc. provides indoor Air quality services to assist clients in determining the cause of sick building types of complaints. EPA, Inc. conducts a custom-designed baseline survey to evaluate IAQ parameters.

The first step in the IAQ investigation process is conducting a visual inspection of the building. A through inspection can reveal some problems that can be resolved with out doing extensive testing.

If visual inspections do not provide an adequate explanation to the cause of the complaint, testing may be advised. EPA, Inc. plans an effective sampling strategy for each investigation. Sample analysis is performed by an American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) accredited laboratory.

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Laboratory Services

Environmental Property Audits, Inc. is accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), Asbestos Analyst Registry (AAR) for Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) analysis, and employs analysts listed in the AAR.

Environmental Property Audits, Inc. also provides a variety of material testing procedures by fully accredited laboratories and/or federally approved methods for all sample collection and analysis.

The project managers at EPA, Inc. strive to seek the most competitive pricing for reputable laboratories and evaluate each lab for their response time and final analysis report quality. By contracting an outside laboratory, EPA Inc. can obtain the lowest possible pricing, and highest quality services for clients.

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Residential Home Inspection Services

Environmental Property Audits, Inc. currently provides a full range of consulting services for prospective home buyers and sellers.

A home is one of the largest financial investments families make, therefore it is imperative that a perspective buyer and/or seller recognizes the liabilities and limitations of a particular home. As a result, EPA, Inc. provides a wide spectrum of evaluation services. These services will provide confidence in a client's knowledge of a particular property of interest. The primary residential services offered by EPA, Inc. include:

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OSHA Compliance Services

Safety Inspection and Program Review (Mock OSHA Inspection)

This service provides a comprehensive visual inspection of existing safety plans, work site conditions and procedures that are currently being used by employees for work activities. The review will evaluate each process or work station to help identify which safety programs apply. The review also includes an evaluation of necessary record keeping, training programs, general information posting, safety equipment standards, and material storage areas as specified by the applicable OSHA standards.

A comprehensive inspection list will be used to summarize the areas of concern and provide recommendations for correcting the identified deficiencies.

Health and Safety Training/Written Programs

Many of these categories require a combination of specific training and a category specific written program, although some of the categories can be combined in with the ERK or HCS categories for both the training and the written program.

*These areas all require an initial training and annual refresher training for employees exposed to specific job site hazards.

Hazard Analysis Program

The Hazard Analysis Program is a written program which evaluates the known or potential hazards of each specific activity for which an employee is responsible for, describes methods of controlling or eliminating each hazards identified, and specifies any inspection or training requirements that are necessary by OSHA Regulations. This is primarily used in federal projects and is identified in the Army Corps of Engineers Safety and Health Requirements EM 385-1-1.

Due to different types of material and services your company may be involved with, a specific OSHA mandate may not be listed. If this is the case, please inform the inspector at the time of the initial audit.

Silica Monitoring

EPA, Inc. provides silica monitoring for construction companies. The most common form of Silica is Quartz. Cristobalite & Tridymite are also forms of Silica. The following are different ways silica can get into the air:

Sampling can determine the concentration of airborne silica dust, which provides documentation that a work site is considered within compliance of OSHA exposure guidelines. If the concentration is elevated, work practices or ventilation can be modified to reduce exposure. Silica dust is hazardous because high amounts that are breathed in can cause lung damage and silicosis, which causes the lungs to harden, inhibit breathing, and can potentially cause death. Protective measures should always be taken to reduce silica exposure.

Please contact the office at 763-323-6700 if there are any questions or if you are interested in setting up any of the listed services.

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Construction Planning Service

Since November 1991, four Federal regulatory standards have been created that directly affect construction planning and renovation. These include:


EPA, Inc.'s staff is currently trained, accredited and licensed throughout the Midwest to conduct asbestos inspections, sampling, project design, and asbestos abatement monitoring for all types of construction renovation activities. The inspection sampling and disclosure of asbestos information is the responsibility of the facility owner, but may be passed to the contractor through specification language.

Lead in Construction

EPA, Inc. will provide trained and accredited inspectors to evaluate for lead hazards, which may be encountered and disturbed during a renovation project. If lead exposures are anticipated, EPA, Inc. will provide procedural guidelines for implementation during the renovation project to minimize worker exposure and to reduce risk of building contamination and/or building occupants.


EPA, Inc.'s staff will provide approved training courses for Employers and Employees whose activities involve interaction with asbestos as well as perform OSHA required employee air monitoring during asbestos activities.

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