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Environmental Property Audits, Incorporated (EPA, Inc.) of Anoka, Minnesota was established in 1992 by Mr. Jim Lindahl. EPA, Inc. provides quality environmental and construction consulting to public and private property owners. The consulting services cover a wide range of quality services to effectively research, inspect, monitor, analyze, and remediate environmental hazards. Our experienced staff inform property owners about possible environmental hazards, address workplace health and safety concerns, and provide guidance on regulatory compliance.

EPA, Inc. assists facility owners and contractors encountering State and Federal Regulatory Compliance issues through site inspections, remediation planning, remediation design, and project management. The staff has completed more than 2,500 asbestos projects, which include services for school districts, as well as commercial and residential clients. Our laboratory is accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association for air sample analysis by Phase Contrast Microscopy. Our Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) service can provide site inspections, air monitoring, microbial testing, and remediation services for air quality issues. EPA, Inc. also provides a variety of health and safety training's for employees and inspections. In addition, EPA, Inc. provides full residential home inspections for lead, asbestos, indoor air quality, structural components, and mechanical systems.

The philosophy of EPA, Inc. is to provide professional planning which effectively achieves desired results with limited liabilities and highly competitive pricing.

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